PIN Products

Krush Communications has already partnered with the Homies brand to deliver a top notch PIN product to customers and we can do the same for your brand when it comes to pinless retail. Our PIN cards provide the following great features:

  • Real-Time Replenishment (RTR) Pinless
  • Prepaid Long-Distance Program

Homies No Mas Pin was launched in 2009 and has since become a very successful and widely popular program with over ONE MILLION consumers across the U.S.  These Homies No Mas Pin customers / subscribers regularly top-up their account at one of the thousands of authorized retailers across the US. But unlike a MVNO, the Homies No Mas Pin program works on any and all cellular networks, as well as home phones. Retailers across the country can benefit by having this product to sell to the One Million+ loyal Homies No Mas Pin users nationwide. This product is being sold and used in all 50 states! Products can be sold via:

  • Krush's Retail Web Portal
  • Krush's IVR
  • Our White Label Portal Program
  • Or Through Custom API Integration